Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a small seedling setback

It was going so well too. Outside in the sun during the day. In the house at night. Warm water waterings.

Friday it was pretty chilling (but sunny) outside. So, I had the brilliant idea to put the container on the floor in the dining room where the sun was pouring in from the glass door. perfect, right?

not quite.

I have a motto: I love my children forever but I trust them never.

Sadly, I should never had put the plants in a place where Son could get his chubby little fingers on them. Everyday when we water the plants together, I tell the kids to never touch the plants because it might hurt them and they could stop growing. I have this conversation e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. So I figured it has gotten through a little.

I spotted Son with dirty hands and mouth (mouth? wth, dude?) He'd been in a pot of jersey giant tomatoes with two plants and a pot of cucumbers with 3 plants. Now that I have more containers, I separated the plants into different containers. It looks like the cucumbers will be ok. But one of the jersey giants is probably going to die. So, I plants a few more and now it's just a wait and see.

Thanks Son. For reminding me again that I can love you forever, but I can't trust you (yet).

btw, the downside to my daily "don't touch the plant" talks was that Daughter got very upset, tears in all. When she discovered that Son touched the plants. She was going on and on about how Son hurt them and now they can't grow. Luckily, I reassured her that I was going to try to help them get well again.

The more leafy plants are the cucumbers and muskmelons. The smaller ones are the two different tomatoes plants. I am beyond ready for them to bulk up!

The jersey giant that might die. The stem is bent so that it can't even stand straight, but the leaves aren't wilting so there's still hope it'll heal!
Gardening Things I'm Excited About:
  • starting to collect rain water again (we only use rainwater to water the garden)
  • building the tomato cages (I still need to do a little more legwork on that)
  • the basil and mint growing
  • the seedlings growing and getting big enough to take outside
  • the weather getting warm enough to take the seedlings outside
  • the manual labor of it all (yes, seriously)

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Jennifer said...

I love the manual labor of it too. I'm the chief yardworker at our house. Josh's parents were appalled to see me weedeating while he was reading. I love to conquer the wilderness of my yard!

I'm impressed with your dedication to the seeds. If it doesn't grow well directly in the garden, I just buy the plant. Your seedlings look great. I hope Son didn't hurt them too badly!