Monday, May 16, 2011

The Birmingham Zoo 5k and a visit with the primates

The 5k at the Birmingham Zoo Saturday was pretty fun. I enjoyed it. Jessica and her kids came PLUS we also saw another Judson girl, The Doctor JF.

My official time was 38:46. (I finished 348 out of 457+) Not bad considering I had a set jog/walk schedule. I'm still working on couch25k and I am on week 5. So I just did week 5 and repeated it until I finished. jog 8 minutes, walk 5, until the finish line. I haven't decided on my next 5k. (but hopefully it'll be sometime in June and I would like my time to be around 34 minutes then)

Before the race. Jessica raced with her son and a non-jogging stroller. Which is probably heavier than our double jogging stroller (with kids). She did great with that extra weight.
(Note to self: Your boobs and torso are much bigger than they were in college. hide that shirt until it fits.)

that's me, behind a tree. hair whipping in the wind, caught running like a flamingo.
This was right at the end.

It was really fun jogging though the zoo. I liked seeing the animals (but I didn't really like smelling the "zoo smell" a couple of times. does not bode well for running!)

Daughter with the Cow.
As soon as I suggested that the Cow was probably friends with Big Owl and Aubie, she was all for meeting him. Son, on the other hand, shrieked every time he saw one of the 3 cows. I don't blame him. In his world, cows stand on four legs in a pasture and eat grass. They don't walk around on two legs, wearing hats and high fiving little kids.

post race with our race food swag. The best thing about 5k races is all the free stuff.

Son and Daughter with Mindy and the elephant who shot water mist out of his trunk.

All four kids, so excited to see the animals.

Son was in a primate coma. He was mesmerized as soon as this little buddy came and sat down right in front of him.

They were equally excited about the lemurs.

Next the mommies showed the boys a couple of guys eating breakfast ...

These guys.
Seriously, being at the zoo at 9:00am is fantastic. Breakfast time. I have never seen the primates so active. climbing, jumping, cleaning, playing, eating. It was a fun time.

I changed clothes and headed South after the primate house for some sewing. More on that on Thursday.

Tune in tomorrow for all the zoo fun Husband and the kids had after I left.

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