Monday, November 1, 2010

HALLOWEEN - the pumpkins (and some squash)

What a fun time Daughter and I had Saturday afternoon painting pumpkins and squash. (Son was running a fever, but after tylenol brought it down, he popped out for about 10 minutes to paint his pumpkin)

The two big ones are the ones we got at the pumpkin patch. The medium orange and white ones came from publix about a month ago. The little tiny ones came from the cut flowers section of the walmart produce department. They were on branches with the rest of the fresh flowers and labeled "mini pumpkins" Although, they really look like tiny beefsteak tomatoes and when I cut into one, it looks like an eggplant inside! crazy. And the butternut squash are some from our garden that the kids dropped and they split a little. (We didn't realize they were split until weeks later and didn't want to risk cooking them)

"Daughter, stand beside the pumpkins so I can take your picture with them."
Yes, that's the pose she struck.

sigh. I bought new washable paints for this because we used up all our old paint. It's always exciting to open new, fresh, not mixed paint.

working on a butternut squash.

let the mixing of the colors begin. I try to pretend like it doesn't bother me. She doesn't care. Why should I? It's her paint after all.

He has no clue about painting. It was his first time. He was even holding the brush upside down about half of the time.

finally turned it around and got to work on his pumpkin.

sigh. I love that little boy.
even when he started painting himself more than the pumpkin.

his turn for a butternut squash.

combined efforts.

This is after they dried and I put them out on the porch.

notice the blue butternut squash with fish on it? It was the only creative thing I contributed except for some stripes on a few "mini pumpkins"

Later, Daughter added a fish sticker to this big pumpkin and declared it "bee-u-ful"

notice that lame attempt of a person on the butternut squash? Brooke will recognize that girl as Charlie Brown's love interest, The Little Red Haired Girl.


Megan said...

Love the pose in the first picture! ;-)

bpeterson said...

I do indeed! I agree with Megan. The pose is great!