Saturday, October 30, 2010

the rail road park

Last Sunday we went to the Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham.

fun, fun, exhausting fun.

The weather was perfect. We were there for almost four hours and Daughter threw the biggest tantrum of her life when it was time to leave. (that part was insano. Nothing like pushing a stroller with a SCREAMING and KICKING 3 year old in it as fast as you can trying to get to the car) But I didn't take any pictures of the tantrum, just the fun parts.


walking in. We had the kids in the stroller at this point.

I didn't include any pictures but there was a huge spice garden with thyme, basil, chives, parsley, cilantro and probably a few others I couldn't identify. The cool part was, I would have never even noticed them but Son was walking so slow I had time notice all the plants. I pointed it out to Husband (he was walking with the much faster Daughter and didn't notice) and we both thought it was pretty cool.

And the play time begins.

the top


their new favorite seesaw

Son, still not sure and a little tired

a view of the city from the playground area


Son walking on the rocks and getting excited about the train

Daughter and I walked through the empty creek bed singing silly songs.

Son had to take a rest (and a water break)

another city view, with Son and Husband walking (Daughter is on the bridge already)

On the bridge. shortly after this shot she announced she needed to jump in the water to cool down. Nere, Boss.

walking, jumping and climbing the big steps

another city view

Daughter eating her Scooby Doo treat from the ice cream truck.
She said her favorite part was "eating stooby's eyes"

more seesawing.
this boy she was seesawing with was so sweet. He told me he wasn't going to bounce much because he didn't want Daughter to get hurt. (and he called me "ma'am")


seriously, so fun. I think Son loved all the dogs the best. There were SO many dogs. We walked around the entire park almost twice. good times and we'll definitely be going back.

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