Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bham Botanical Gardens

A couple of weekends ago we took the kids to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

They ran through the Woodlands, skipped in the Japanese Gardens (and spotted lots of turtles and fish), played in the Iris Garden, smelled through the Rose Garden and then finally threw the tantrum that ended the day in front of the Green House. It was a fun day - tantrum included.

Poor Son. He just can't handle it when there's a body of water that he's not allowed to play in.

Daughter in the Woodlands.
We spent a lot of time picking up leaves and rocks here.

Son and Husband, climbing.

Daughter running around on the way to the Koi Pond.

Here she told me something silly like, "Mommy, there are so many leaves in my way."

They didn't need us. Independent playtime commenced.
sidenote: I've never actually been to the Iris Garden when the irises were blooming.



Son splashed and splashed and laughed and laughed.
Until he tried to swing his leg over the side and was told no.
He was moved away from the fountain.

Then it was screaming and tears.
We rallied and made it through the rose garden. BEAUTIFUL this time of year. Son ran around in the grass, barefoot. And Daughter and I went from rose to rose, smelling and announcing how wonderful they smelled and how beautiful they looked.

But then in front of the Green house, we ran into a few more fountains and Son's tantrum returned with fury.

And we called it a day.

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Nicki said...

I absolutely ADORE that place and miss being able to spend my lunch hours there like I did when I was at UAB. (and the fountains DO look like they'd be fun to play in! ;))

I don't think I've ever seen the irises in bloom, but they must be something. The Japanese garden is still my favorite. :)