Tuesday, October 26, 2010

blanket update

I took these pictures Wednesday (of Thursday, I forget), but I've almost a foot to each blanket as of today.

I'm using 3 different stitches in an attempt to create a pattern and a little visual interest.

The bottom (solid yellow) is all double crochet.
Then it switches to green and it's one row of half double crochet, three rows of triple crochet, two rows of half double and then repeating (minus the first half double).
I stuck in two rows of a half double yellow stripe and in the new (not shown) work the second stripe is there.
And I'll finish it again with yellow double crochet.

both blankets.
I was about a day and a half ahead with Son's when the picture was taken. Right now they are the same size.
I decided to work on them simultaneously so that they'd be done close to the same time. Usually I spend one day on Son's and the next on Daughter's. At the end of the week, I catch up which ever one is behind.

And, yes, both children have seen both blankets. And cuddled them and expressed how much they like them. I am the lamest sometimes when it comes to surprises, but the truth is, if I waited to work on them at a time when they wouldn't be around to see them, the blankets wouldn't be finished for a year!

And when Daughter asks, "what you doing, Mommy?" I tell her. "I'm making a blanket to give you (or Son, depending on the day) on Christmas." She's a smart girl. And I've decided that not lying is more important than a Christmas morning surprise blanket.

After reading the Fannie Flagg article in the current issue of Southern Living, I picked up Can't Wait to Get to Heaven and Welcome to the World, Baby Girl. So with something to read, productivity will most definitely slow down.

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laurensmommy said...

The blankets are looking great! My mom has been crocheting for years, but I just don't have the patience!!

I LOVE Southern Living and even though I haven't read anything by Fannie Flagg before, I wanted to pick up a copy ASAP! :)