Monday, October 25, 2010

The GREAT pumpkin patch

Two weeks ago we took the kids to The Great Pumpkin Patch in Hayden.

Lots of fun was had by everyone. And I mean lots.

We were there for about 2.5 hours and spend under $30 (It's cheaper on a weekday). This included the petting zoo, the inflatables, a pony ride, a hayride and two pumpkins. I thought that was reasonable. Plus we only live about 15 minutes away. And bonus points because it wasn't crowded at all.

My sweet little buddy stood there with his head in a pumpkin cutout for about two minutes while we tried to get Daughter to join him for a "kids with their heads pumpkins" shot. She never did.

She did climb into the wagon though.

Next we went to the petting zoo. We saw llamas, goats, pigs, chickens, roosters, geese, cows and a donkey. Husband and I were much more excited than the kids were.

Husband petting a goat.

At the petting zoo, Son was ONLY interested in having us look at the ponies that were giving rides. Oddly enough later, he did not want to ride a pony but did cheer as Daughter rode.

Son loved the inflatables. They were in a giant pumpkin.
jumping, rolling, walking, falling, laughing. They loved it.
Husband and I found shade next to the giant pumpkin and let them have at it.

Daughter "mushing" her face.

Daughter went down the inflatable slide at least a dozen times.
Son tried to climb up but was too short. And there was a rule that parents couldn't help.
So he split his time by returning to the giant pumpkin inflatable and running around.

Next was the pony ride.
Daughter LOVED it!

Now our hayride to the pumpkin patch!

Daughter and Husband checking out the selection.
She quickly picked a great pumpkin -- for the main reason that she wanted to run and jump and climb in the hay maze!

jumping in the maze.

I just wanted to toss my camera and roll around in the hay with this man. Sadly, there were strangers around.

Son climbing.

He had to play in the hay a little before he was ready to pick his pumpkin.

the ride back.
those are our two pumpkins behind Husband.

We still haven't even decided if the kids are going to dress up this year, but picking out pumpkins is something fun we all love to do.

Daughter has decided that she wants to paint her pumpkin so I'll have to post about that when it happens.

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