Thursday, June 14, 2012

The growing garden

The garden is growing and we are all excited.  The red tomatoes, the green tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, soy beans and, of course, AND FIRST squash!

Son is holding the heirloom yellow crook neck (the seeds came from and Daughter is holding the yellow crook neck that came from walmart. 

There's an area of the garden where I plant two zucchini seeds and two squash seeds every year.  And we always have way more of both than we can eat.  So this year was no different ... except one set of seeds never sprouted.  And because I didn't know which one (because I didn't write down which seeds went where), I just had to guess.  After a long exhaustive process of replanting seeds and buying seedlings of each ... I still ended up with 6 squash plants and 1 zucchini.  sigh.  I've already pulled the smaller squash bc there is only really enough space for 4 plants there.

note to all gardeners: write down what you plant where.

I have big plans to get a pressure canner and a huge stock pot so I can can vegetable soup in addition to tomatoes.


TL said...

i love how intently he's looking at that squash!

Jennifer said...

You're garden is WAYYYYYY better than mine!