Monday, April 1, 2013

Me and The 1000 Miles Challange

Yes. You read that correctly.  No, no typo.  1,000 miles.  

Here's what it means:

On March 4, Husband emailed me from work, as he often does, and wrote something like, "If I run 5.5 miles every other day, I can go 1000 miles in a year."  At the time, He'd been running a 10k (6.2 miles) every two days, so I replied that he could definitely do it, because he's so close to it already. He's a great runner, really focused and has ideas for running a half marathon in the future.  Basically, I gave him a reply designed to pump him up and get him in the right mind frame to do something I thought he could do.  He replied back, "you could do it too. You're a great runner."

What?  seriously, something I don't even think I'm a runner. Mostly because I'm lazy and can easily go two weeks without putting on my running shoes and not feel the least bit guilty about losing momentum.  But he had a point.  At the time, I was running right at 5 miles in an hour at least twice a week and sometimes 3 times.

Of course, I replied back with when do we start this challenge?, what are the rules?, and what is the prize for completing it?

We settled on TODAY or that day, rather. March 4, 2013 to March 4, 2014.

We can count all runs and walks we log on our Sports Tracker app and I can count all treadmill runs and walks.   (Husband doesn't really touch the treadmill)  We will not count hikes (which I think is bunk) or bicycle rides (which I understand, a little)

Husband said our prize will be looking at ourselves in the mirror with no clothes on.  :-/   I respond better to actual prizes, but smaller clothes will definitively be a byproduct so I can get behind that.

Here's a little prospective on my insanity: I have to log 2.8 (rounded slightly up) miles a day to fulfill my 1,000 miles challenge.  Also, 1,000 miles is roughly from our house in north/central Alabama all the way to New Haven, Conneticut. 

spoiler alert: I'm already behind.  But excited nonetheless.

I'm insane.  But please, help me stay accountable.
the shoes that will start me on my journey.
BTW, this is in no way an April Fools' Day joke.  But, HAPPY 4th Birthday to Fergus Adoniram

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