Sunday, September 6, 2009

Aldi strikes again - Spirits Sunday

Landshut 2007 Riesling

We got this bottle from Aldi for $3.99! yes. and it's great. and with summer drawing to an end, the end of Riesling season is also drawing nigh. our nights of sitting on the porch in the warm night, sipping Riesling are numbered for 2009.

Landshut 2007 Riesling is from Germany. this is the website but I still haven't been able to get it to load.

This is probably the sweetest Riesling we can remember having this summer. Husband noticed more of an apricot smell and taste. I found it to be more peachy. I think we drank it one night after dinner. meal wise, I think it'd be good with a light meal of bread, pasta and pesto. and maybe some light colored flowers in a vase on the table. (I'll tell you right now, I've thought about this too much) :-)

the alcohol content is 9.5% and it had a natural cork. The bottle is blue. I may be keeping it out of the recycling bin and adding it to my collection of glass bottles that I like but haven't thought of anything fun to do with yet.


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Megan said...

Sounds yummy...I need to look for this one (especially if I can find it at our Aldi's!).