Thursday, September 10, 2009

my first 5k is coming up.

my first 5k is coming up. October 3. AND it's in my hometown! Two college friends are running too. it's the first 5k for each of us. my brother is considering entering too. I think he should. he's always been a runner - for exercise.

I pulled up the race route online (and unless you know HYT, you have no idea that the first half a mile of the course is a pretty big hill - up) I used to ride my bicycle all over that area when I was in middle school, but I definitely never jogged it.

I'm pretty excited about it.

I'm pretty nervous about it.

both. yes.

I'm still doing interval training. I'm on week 5 of a 9 week program. I should've actually finished it on July 4 if I'd stuck to it as intended. yet, here it is, early September and here I am, week 5.

on week 5, I do a 5 minute warm up walk, a 7.5 minute jog, a 5 minute walk and another 7.5 minute jog. so I can jog 7.5 minutes at one time. and that's about it. bluh.

I was never 'unathletic' but definitely wasn't the organized sports training girl. I was on dance line in high school and I think we might've run a mile a couple of times in practice, but mainly we just sat around and gossiped (oh the joys of high school). so this is my first taste of distance running. and I love it! I just have to keep building my endurance.

My goal for my first 5k is to not walk. just not walk. I'm counting on race day adrenaline to help out with that a little. make up for what I couldn't in training. I'll be more than proud of myself if I just don't walk.

The only downside to the race is the date of it. Husband made plans months ago for us to be almost 3 hours away just 4 hours after the race. it stinks that I won't be able to stay long and visit with friends or even just bask in my after race glow. I'll have to change clothes and hit the road! (at least this time will be in a car!)

Husband is going to have the kids in the double stroller. And I have friends who live right at the end of the race route, so I hope he goes over there to give Daughter something to do in the 30+ minutes I'll be racing. (yes, I think it'll definitely be over 30 minutes)

and yes, I've already thought about what I'll wear. man, I'm such a girl.


Mandy Mc said...

Well, friend, you're further along than me! At this rate, I may run the entire way in 30 years rather than by my 30th b'day. Congrats on running for >7 minutes at a time. That's awesome!

Jessica said...

I thought the only 5K in HYT was during Springfest. My how times have changed. Good luck. You'll do great, Soul Sister.