Wednesday, February 17, 2010

first garden set back of the season

It's a sad day for my garden.

Yes, those are my seedlings. Or what used to be my seedlings.

Daughter, my fabulous, helpful, inquisitive child, destroyed my seedlings.

She uprooted them all. She tore some of the containers. Dirt everywhere.

When I found her and my formerly thriving seedlings, she announce, "look, Ma. help too."

Yes. that helped. Helped push me right over the edge of sanity for the day. I had to excuse myself and go cry in my closet. Then I patiently waited for Husband to get home from work, so I could leave the scene of the slaughter for a few hours.

On a positive note, while I was out I managed to find a suit to wear to my brother's wedding next month. So the day wasn't a total mental wash.

I still haven't done anything but clean up the mess. I'm still too upset to deal with it. since everything was uprooted and dishevelled, I have no idea what seedling went in which pot ... they were all labeled with their identity. and knowing what is planted where is essential to square foot gardening.

sigh. I need to buck up and get back to work.


The Freeman Family said...

You could always take a chance and see what mutated veggie grows.

Megan said... sorry! That's a bummer for sure :(