Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It was the best day of his life ...

The weather was GREAT Sunday and you couldn't keep this family inside!

We started out at a park a town over that we'd never been to before. This was Son's first trip to the park when he wasn't stuck in Moby Wrap or Baby Bjorn.

So what do you think, did he have a good time?
Son had a FANTASTIC time! He giggled and smiled and growled (yes, he's in a growling phase) and kicked those chubby little legs and giggled some more. Ah, I seriously never knew I could feel so much joy just watching someone I love with my whole heart having the time of their life!

Then in the afternoon we came home and played in the yard. Son love crawling around, tasting the grass, finding the kid garden tools (aka our beach shovels), tasting the garden dirt, playing ball with Husband and Daughter. He did it all!

This was the part of the day when Daughter made Rocket Soup. Have you seen Little Einsteins? If you have it makes the story funnier. Basically, Daughter threw dirt, grass, water and rocks in the bucket, stirred it and called it Rocket Soup. When I was a kid, I called that yard stew. But she pretended her ingredients were cheese, peas and jumping beans. That's what you need to make the Rocket Soup.
check out those dirty shoes, legs and that dirty diaper cover.
He's standing up so he can better get to the Rocket Soup.

p.s. Daughter had a pretty amazing day too.

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