Saturday, September 15, 2012

Washington DC trip

WAY back in JUNE, we had an opportunity to spend 4 days in Washington DC.  I cannot even express to you how amazing and life changing it was for me.  seriously.  Guys, I want to move to our nation's Capital -- or is is Capitol.  ;-)  Anyway, I want to live there.  I want to ride the metro and walk everywhere I need/want to go.  I want to spend hours and hours and hours everyday getting to know this city.


We left at 11pm at night and drove.  yes, it wasn't bad.  We actually enjoyed it.  Anyway, we got to town about lunch time the next day.  We stopped at the American History Museum first before we even went to check into our hotel. amazing.  Son loved all the trains, ships and automobile exhibits.  Daughter LOVED the gigantic doll house.  I loved everything.

 The next day, I wrangled the kids from our hotel to the metro, and all the way to the zoo, and met up with my dear friend, Jason and we spent the entire day at the National Zoo.  the entire day - like 6 hours.  We saw everything.  Husband met us for lunch and then was off again.  I was so grateful to Jason.  not only did I really enjoy getting to see him and catch up but there's no way I could have managed the kids alone.  He held hands, took pictures and was just so fun to be with.  We went our separate ways to change clothes before all meeting again for a great Mexican meal.  Jason & Brad - my favorite DC people.

Day Three, Husband was free most of the day and we enjoyed a day of family fun.  We went to the Natural History Museum and I got to see the Hope Diamond and wow, thousands of other amazing things.  the kids, of course, loved all the dinosaur fossils.  and then Husband wanted to walk around the Mall.  The Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, etc.  Well, when we got close to the Jefferson Memorial and the Tidal Basin, Husband saw paddle boats for rent.  I was anti renting paddle a paddle boat.  

I figured we both needed to paddle and that would leave the kids in the back to, ya know, fall out.  But, Husband convinced me.  So for $20 we got 1 hour of paddling around the tidal basin.  It was fun.  There were ducks swimming around and I had unsalted pretzels in my backpack, so I got those out for the kids to feed the ducks.  I was taking pictures, the weather was great.  hurray for life.  UNTIL, my camera slipped out of my pocket and into the water.  slow mo.  sigh.  All the family pictures I'd taken since January, EVERY picture from the trip so far, including a few great family photos -- gone.  sinking to the bottom of the Tidal Basin.  To say I had an ugly cry about it, is a GROSS understatement.  GROSS.  Finally when I realized how upset I was making the kids, I calmed myself down to at least silent tears or angst and remorse.  sigh.  It was a low point. Luckily, Husband had taken a few pictures with his phone (literally just a few, all the ones below)  so I feel like the trip was at least paralytically documented. and Jason took a lot of pictures at the zoo with his camera.  Plus, all the good pictures from the previous 6 months, I'd already posted on the blog.  So all was not lost.  mostly.

Anyway, aside from that horrible, completely my fault, mistake, the trip was amazing.  I spent some time by myself at the Jefferson Memorial and pulled myself back together.  We ended our museum tour with the Air and Space Museum.  both kids really dug that.  Late night swimming in the roof pool and great food made the trip even better.

On out last day, we visited Arlington National Cemetery.  I can't even describe what I felt except to say it was a "bonding" feeling.  Like I was connected to everyone else that was there.  My kids were a little less than reverent at the eternal flame, but what did I expect?

If we would've had more time and energy, I'd loved to walk through the botanical gardens and see the Lincoln Memorial up close.  

sigh.  what a great trip. 

Daughter drawing a rainbow at the American History Museum
walking, walking, walking.  I logged so many miles in though shoes.  and MAN they were comfortable.  This was on the way to the Jefferson Memorial
this was after I dropped my camera in the Tidal Basin and we were still in the paddle boat.  I think I said something like this to Husband, "take a picture.  I lost my camera."
Son posing at the Capitol.  I really was so proud of both kids.  They kept up and walked and walked and walked all without naps.  Hardly complaining at all.  Of course, they did fall asleep on the Metro anytime we were on for longer than three stops.  They did great and still talk about it the trip all the time.

this was at dinner our last night.  It was probably my favorite place we ate the whole trip, even though we did eat at some really great places.  Ted's Bulletin. Son is hiding and Daughter looks miserable and I love this picture.

(I can't promise much, but hopefully there will be more blogs to come soon)

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