Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"PLEASE stop taking pictures of the television"

Daughter got a camera for Christmas.  And she loves it.  She takes pictures of anything.  ANYTHING.  But her favorite thing to take pictures of ... the television.  Seriously,  The television.

In an attempt to broaden her horizons, the two of us took a trip to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and the Birmingham Zoo ... armed with nothing but our water bottles and cameras.  She must have taken over 100 pictures at the Gardens but by the time we got to the zoo the picture fun was over.  It was the first time ever it's just been the two of us alone at the zoo.  And she took full advantage of getting to go where ever she wanted for how long she wanted.  No time for pictures.

Here's a few of our favorite pictures:

She took this shot with her camera after she saw me take it with mine.

She's still trying to learn all the camera settings.  She has macro down pat.

"Mom, take a picture of me taking a picture of you."  Sure.

"Try  to take a picture so you can see the bridge's reflection in the water."
"Sure, Mom.  That's easy."

at the zoo.  climbing ant hills.

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