Thursday, May 9, 2013

You Remember That 1000 Miles Thing?

Chances are if Charlie gets to be a part of the 1000 miles, they will be walking miles.
He's adorable, but horrible to run with.

So, yea, I'm still doing that. I'm less than two months in.  Quitting is not going to happen. But well, complaining happens everyday.

My calves are hurting in a way they've never hurt before.  So I've been doing A LOT of walking (and stretching and RICE-ing) and a little running.  Like walking at least 3 miles a day and only running once a week. seriously.

So, are you interested to hear how far ahead or behind I am in my mileage?    Here's a clue ... I talk a big game but I'm mostly lazy.

In March, I should have logged 54 miles.  But I only did 35.42.  That put me 18.58 miles behind.
In April, I should have logged 84 miles (102.58 if I wanted to make up the March deficit) But I only did 83. Putting me 19.58 miles behind.

I'm still going in the wrong direction ... but improving.  In better news, I logged 15 miles in the first 4 days of May.  So, there's that.  I have hopes to be back in the black by mid-July.

Son has been walking/running/skipping/galloping about 2 miles a day with me while Daughter is in Pre-K.  And that's been fun. He's also been going to bed about 20 minutes earlier.  We've been going on family walks most days when Husband gets home from work and I've been logging a few boring treadmill miles here and there.

I got a new sports bra.  And that's pretty much been the highlight of my month of 1000.

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