Thursday, May 2, 2013

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt Part 2 (April 2013)

My April block goal was 8. (you'll see why I picked this arbitrary number soon) I picked up the dreaded block number 3 and then went in order.  But, in absolutely no particular order, here they are:

11 Broken Dishes

12 Broken Sugar Bowl - this one is my current favorite

13 Buckwheat

14 Butterfly at the Crossroads
I worked on fussy cutting this block and I like the outcome.

18 Century of Progress

3 Basket.
I wanted to hand sew the handle but after two yucky tries I gave up and machine sewed it.

17 Cats & Mice (2)

On the left is the do over block without Y seams.  On the right is my first try when I tried the Y seam.  It was so unappealing to look at, I had to try again.

This is why I chose to only do 8 blocks this month.  My design  wall, aka the back of a super cheap vinyl table cloth.  It holds 9 per row and because I did 10 blocks in March, I evened it up with 8 in April.  
I like having all the blocks out to look at when I'm choosing fabrics and tones and colors.  I'm trying to not repeat fabric combinations TOO many times.  This helps ... a little.

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