Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Baby Gift is in the Mail

Two great friends of ours, that we never get to see enough, are expecting their first child very soon.  And I just mailed our gift to baby ACT.

I made her a quilt, Son and Daughter decorated her a couple of onesies (with a little help from Husband) and then I added some diapers and the rest of the pack of onesies in for good measure.

the quilt front.  I used whirlwind romance collection from connectingthreads.com and the pattern is a slight variation of  one I've used a few times before.  I just love this pattern.  It's so easy and quick to put together and I just think it's great.

The back, with Baby ACT's initials.  Here's hoping that her parents don't change their mind on her name after she's born. or her quilt will be a call to action and service instead of her initials!

Son colored lots of "different colored friendly snakes" and then asked Husband to draw a green airplane.
Snakes on a Plane onesie?

Daughter decorated the front and back.  the front is covered in purple flowers and the back is covered with As and dots and a flower.  She was pretty proud.
We're so excited for Baby ACT's arrival and can't wait to see pictures and meet her!

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TL said...

beautiful! you were right, the collection colors all work so well together...you can't to wrong!

also...i can't say enough how cute the girl's hair is. ridic.