Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Daughter, Singer/Songwriter

Daughter loves to make up hilarious songs (that we are very rarely allowed to laugh at because she believes they are very serious in nature).  So as long as she's not with you when you click on the link, feel free to laugh as much as you want.

This is only 1 of about 7 videos that I've recorded that start off with "You're with me, I'm with you, we're a family." They all branch out into different thought processes.  There's one about how she and Son are going to get married because they are best friends and love to play together.  There's one about how she thinks that Story Time at the library is 'fantastic' and there's another about how when she rides her bike she's faster slow things like turtles.

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TL said...

that. is pretty much the best thing ever. i would like to hear the library song, please. and the turtle song too :)