Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Scarf a Long Time Coming and the difference between E and J

I finished this scarf back when it was actually winter.  But, I figure, better late than never.

I got two skeins of Patons Lace at least 2 years ago.  It was definitely the smallest yarn I've ever bought, but I really liked the colors so I wanted to turn it into a scarf I would love.  I really REALLY liked it.  But two years later, I still had not decided what in the world I wanted this scarf to look like.

THE yarn
 Initially, I decided I'll use a small hook.  A very small hook.  And the scarf will be very tight.  I thought with two skeins, I could definitely make an over sized scarf with that.  And then I started working.  And this is what I had accomplished after 30 minutes:
that's not a lot.  It's the chain and one and a half rows.
 So, I reassessed.  Do I really want to be working on this scarf for the next 3 weeks?  um, no.
So, I reached for my favorite Size J hook and started over.
this is one row on the tiny size E and the size J.  Huge difference

the size difference
 That was enough for me to decide I'd rather have a gauzy scarf than a really tight one.  So I got to work and a few work hour later, I finished the first skein and decided that was long enough.
I really like my long gauzy scarf.  and I still love the colors .  And I also love those little green toenails that are attached to those little feet that are attached to Son.
Because I still have the second skein, I'm thinking about moving up to a size G or H and try a less tight one.  Maybe I'll have the patience for it!


bpeterson said...

That's beautiful! I love the colors.

TL said...

i was JUST going to email you about you like the yarn? i've never used paton's is it holding up?