Monday, April 9, 2012

What turning 33 looks like at our house

We went all our for Husband's birthday a couple of weeks ago.  Seriously, you only turn 33 once.  The kids love making big deals about birthdays.  They suggested balloons, a banner, flowers, birthday hats, Husband's favorite dinner, a cake and, of course, snakes and dinosaurs.  Yes,  last year they gave him a toy dinosaur and spider and this year it was a toy dinosaur and toy snake.  So, since they lack the ability to drive a car, cook a meal, bake a cake, and purchasing power for such things, I made it happen.

I'm not a baker (I have never made a cake except from a box and that does not count) so I always make a non-cake dessert for Husband's birthday cake.  This year I decided on a cheesecake.  I've never actually make a cheesecake either but Husband always says it's easy so I thought I'd give it ago.  I made a Hazelnut Cheesecake but used almonds instead of hazelnuts - for the main reason that we already had almonds. It was pretty fantastic.  And we used the leftover amaretto whipped cream in our coffee the next morning. That was a wonderful treat!

Phineas and Ferb also joined the party.  Notice Son and Daughter picked out pink and green candles.

CHEESE.  taking a break between dessert and dinner.  We should always have dessert first!

"Look, I made a Daddy tower."

He was so excited.

Eating their bread and ignoring the Eggplant Parmesan.
It's always fun celebrating Husband.

Happy Birthday, love.

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