Monday, April 30, 2012

Son is THREE

Almost a month ago, we celebrated Son's third birthday.  We tried to fit in as many of Son's favorite things that we could into one day. We started out with a green airplane cake for breakfast and we didn't stop until both kids were sleeping hard in their car seats at 6pm! 

Husband created another great cake in his tradition of making great kid birthday cakes

He was THRILLED.  

Next he opened his gifts: a T. Rex book from Daughter and a dinosaur tail I made.

our first stop was free play at our favorite bounce house place. Two hours of this and  both kids STILL wanted more!

Then lunch at Nabeel's.
 Next, we stopped for two loaves of bread to feed ducks.  VERY hungry ducks.  We should have gotten FOUR loaves of bread!
the very hungry ducks following us

Son was feeding a duck that was so hungry it tried to eat his shirt.  He was done after that!  (and of course he's still talking about the very hungry duck that tried to eat him)
 Then we tried a new frozen yogurt shop in downtown Birmingham called Paramount.  We all gave it two thumbs up.  Fun place to stop in and it's so close to McWane, I know we'll be back more.

By this point of the day, I am exhausted and would have loved to go home, but it wasn't my birthday.  The kids were still going strong so Husband suggested Rail Road Park.  And my kids have NEVER turned down a trip to Rail Road Park
Pretending to be airplanes

Climbing to the "tippy top"

He finally sat down and took a break with me by the water.

Husband showing off for the group of girls on the right, er, I mean showing Daughter how to do a handstand. 
 My absolute favorite part of the day was when my mom called to talk to Son and wish him a happy birthday.  She told him she'd be over to visit the next day and bring his birthday present.  When they got off the phone Son said, "I wish Nanny would bring a dinosaur tail for Rylie for my birthday."  sigh.  He wanted his sister to have a dinosaur tail too.  So after lunch we stopped in at Hobby Lobby for fabric for a dinosaur tail for her.
now we have 2 scary dinosaurs in the house
We all had such a fun day and most of all our big three year old got to spend the day being king of the world.


Mandy Mc said...

What an amazing day and what an amazing little guy! The dinosaur tails are awesome, friend. Your children are so blessed to have you as their mom!

TL said...

will you coordinate my 30th birthday this year? please and thank you!

Southern sinner said...

This is awesome! You guys are great at birthdays.