Sunday, June 28, 2009

Food Day Friday (on Sunday)

this is one of Husband's absolute favorite foods. Fried vegetables. how can you go wrong? This is my vegetable hash recipe. (Like most of my recipes, it involves a lot of "as much as you want" "whatever fits in the pan" and "-ish") I decided to take pictures last night when I was making it, so I could better share the fabulous-ness of Vegetable Hash.

What you need:
2-3 yellow squash (depending on size)
1 onion (vidella or white)
3-4 green tomatoes
frozen bread okra (my short cut that turns this into a "semi homemade with sandra lee"
cooking oil (I've used vegetable oil and olive oil. bc of the high temperature Grapeseed would probably be best. but it's not really budget friendly)
salt, pepper, garlic powder

first: slice all the vegetables. with the squash I try to slice as thin as I can, but there's always thicker peices in there. no big deal.

Onion: I cut in into rings and then half the rings. If your onion is too small it'll pretty much disappear in the finished product.

tomato: I just gut the tomato, discard the insides and cut the outside into bite sized pieces.

next it all gets stirred together. add garlic powder and pepper. (I don't add salt here bc I had a good bit at the end, but feel free to add it in this step)

now flour.

I just try to use enough to get everything lightly coated. it usually takes a little more or little less than two scoops of that little yogurt cup in the flour. stir everything well to make sure it's coated.

put cooking oil in your pan, enough to liberally cover the bottom (MAN, I did not notice how scratched up my cheap wal-mart skillet was until I put a flash on it!)

heat on high. give the oil a minute or two to heat up.

put the vegatables in and add the okra on top. now just leave it alone for 10 to 15 minutes. (feel free to use fresh okra. it'd probably be better.)

when the bottom starts browning, flip it.
When the hash is almost as brown as you like it, I drain the oil out and let it finish cooking for the last 3-5 minutes with just the oil that's already on the vegetables. I drain it because I leave it in the pan to serve. if you'd rather serve it in something else, you can drain it then (whatever)
done. add salt to taste.
sadly, none of the vegetables used were from our garden. but soon.

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