Sunday, June 28, 2009

the race: Husband's first 5k

YaY! I was so proud of Husband. He finished in record time (about 30 seconds faster than his practice time) AND he never walked. He did great. The guy that won finished right at 18 minutes. Yes. someone ran over 3 miles in 18 minutes. that just blows my mind. I told Husband he was probably a marathoner that decided to take it easy for the day and enter a 5k. before the race, ready to go!
what daughter did during the race. Handy Manny came along.

What son did during the race. What I did during the race (sweat!)

The prize table. all proceeds went to the downtown YMCA.

Husband finishing. He looks better than the hunched over guy in yellow, but not as good as that woman in front of him!

He did great. I was really proud of all his hard work.
The banner at the Y.

Son and Husband in his race shirt.


Anonymous said...

Did you give up on Livejournal?? Also, I never noticed that your son looked like Jason! That picture on your sidebar of him is identical to your brother. Too funny!

christy ross said...

I'm still on lj. that's definitely were I post more pictures bc it's private. I just noticed you were off my friends list. I added you back to it.

He looks JUST like Jason. I have a daughter who looks like my husband and a son who looks like my daugther. the cat *may* have my nose.