Saturday, June 20, 2009

gardening payoff

we spent all day at Desoto State Park at the Falls yesterday. So much fun. lots of pictures. Son slept through most of the water fun. On the way home we started talking about what we wanted to dinner. Once home, Husband goes down to the garden to see if there's anything down there and comes back with this squash. yay. we ended up having it that night.
Husband made a pizza with pesto, pine nuts, squash, onion, feta and mozzarella. He uses one of Alton Brown's pizza crust recipes that I'm a big fan of.
I used the rest of the squash to make one of my husband's favorite foods: vegetable hash. sliced squash, onion, green tomato and okra breaded in flour and then pan fried with a little olive oil.
of course we didn't get started until after our 5k training. meaning we didn't eat dinner until 9. it was worth the wait though.


laurensmommy said...

Sounds yummy! How fun to eat food that you grew! I may have to try the hash myself.
Question: Do the kids go with you guys while you train? Just curious how that works out. (and no, I'm not implying that you might be neglecting them at home while you train for your race! :)

christy ross said...

we got a double jogging stroller as a gift when Finn was born and they get to ride along on the jog. I don't know how it'll be when I actually enter a race without the stroller. I'm so used to it!

Rita and Nathan Bird said...

I am incredibly interested in how you began your garden. How did you: pick out the location, pick out the veggies, etc.???

I have been tossing the idea around myself, but have not had the motivation to do something about it until I saw the squash and lettuce.

Also, the vegetable hash sounds absolutely DIVINE. Do you slice or dice your vegetables and do you pan fry in olive oil?

I think you need to dedicate an entire post to all my questions...because of course you don't have two small children at home.....