Friday, June 12, 2009

Food Day Friday

if you have a television, you've seen the commercial. if you don't have a television, count yourself lucky. (for more reasons than one)

as soon as I saw the catchy commercial, I had to have one. the advertising firm definitely made their money on this one. that's right.

The Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty.

I have three words for you. yum yum yum.

Dave Thomas is dead but his frosty goodness lives on.

on Monday, Husband and I decided to treat ourselves on Friday after a long week of 5K training. Yes, after running until I wanted to throw up, I digested this:

I have three words for you. yum yum yum.

de ja vu? yes. me too.

Anyway, I'm not a huge chocolate/sweets fan but I liked it. a lot. little coffee flavor, little toffee flavor, little chocolate flavor suspended in the frozen treat we know as the frosty.

I'm not going to ruin your day and bore you with all the tedious nutritional details. but it you want to check it out here

we actually had to go to two Wendy's restaurants because the first one was out of the mix. We definitely got weird looks when I said, "ok," and walked out. but I was hoping it would be worth it. and it was.

(yes. we had fries with that)

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