Monday, October 5, 2009

I survived my first 5k!

I survived. It was amazing.

ok. so I didn't meet my goal of not walking, but I did surpass my secret time goal. either way, it was a victory. Mandy and I started out together and would have probably finished together if I didn't stop to walk, because I thought I was going to throw up. [coffee 30 minutes before running a 5k = bad idea]

At the 2 minute mile mark, Mandy announced we were making great time. The first time I tried to walk, she encouraged me to keep going. It was so great to have an encourager right beside me pushing me to do my best and then I in turn trying not to let down. I think I'd like to run all my races with Mandy!

I finished at 38:58 ... which I thought was so amazing because my practice time on Tuesday was almost 43 minutes!

I woke up Saturday morning at 6am and said to myself, self I said, "why did I pay some one money for the privilege of running down the roads of my hometown at 8am?" but now I have the bug. I'm excited about doing more training tonight and I'm trying to decide on my next race!

Superstars: Mandy & Christy [I look a lot more tired than I am!]
I'm glad I decided to wear pink. it made it easier for Husband to find and photograph me in the crowd of navy and grey.

During the race, Daughter got her first balloon. She wore it around on her wrist for the next 12 hours.

And as always, Son enjoyed the race from the comfort of his infant seat.

with my Brother after the race. even with a pulled muscle he had a great time.
I think it's worth noting that the mayor of Hueytown ran in the 5k and beat our times. but in our defense, he's in great shape for a 56 year old man!
also noteworthy, Mandy's husband ran the race in just over 25 minutes and was 3rd in his age division.
I can't wait to race again.


Megan said...

Woo hoo...congrats! :D

bpeterson said...

I am so proud of you both!

laurensmommy said...

that's so awesome, Christy! You are totally making me want to give this C25K thing a try. Keep up the good work!

Nicki said...

Congratulations! :)