Thursday, October 1, 2009

I have children and they have milestones

Daughter turned two years old last week. and for her birthday she got ponytail holders. it's true. until then she'd never had a bow, ribbon, clip or clasp of any kind in her hair. For the main reason, that she's only really been growing hair for the past 6 months.

Sometimes she'll forget the pony tail (or pig tails) are in her hair and won't pull it/them out for about 15 minutes, but usually I can only expect about 47 seconds of a pony tail or pig tails. I'll be glad when the novelty wears off and she will keep them in!

Son will be 6 months old next week. And he has two teeth already! Daughter's first two teeth didn't come in until she was about 8 months old. Today, I made his first batch of baby food (sweet potatoes). Daughter didn't start solid foods until she was 7 months old, but Son is a skinnier so we'll start a day or two after he turns 6 months.

[actually he's not skinnier, they weigh(ed) the same, he's just inches taller and thus exhibits none of the cute baby chub his sister sported until she began running around]
p.s. my 5k is SATURDAY


laurensmommy said...

glad to hear about these fun milestones! :) If ROS only recently started growing hair, there's hope for Lauren! She still doesn't really have enough for any kind of hair accessory (but I put them in anyway!) :)

Hope the 5K goes great!

Nicki said...

I was a bald baby for a long time too. Runs in the family I guess. My grandfather (Linda's dad) called me "Tater" because of this.

Good luck on your 5K! :)

christy ross said...

yea, my brother, sister and I were all baldies until close to two too!

Tina said...

wow, just wow!