Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the great pumpkin carve of 2009

In our house, everyone gets a pumpkin. but not everyone gets to cut into their pumpkin and pull its guts out. We have varying levels of decoration.

levels used this year
level 1: sharpie
level 2: mr. potato head like-facial features bought last year at 80% off that you stick in the pumpkin
level 3: knives and pens
level 4: knives, pens, mallets, screw drivers and expensive coat hangers

Husband's pumpkin, my pumpkin, Daughter's pumpkin and Son's pumpkin
This is the probably the first family photo we've taken since Son was born, almost 7 months ago. I love that Son and Daughter are holding hands. They do that a lot.

cutting the top off my pumpkin. (level 3)

Daughter decorating her pumpkin (level 2)

Daughter's finished pumpkin

Son and his finished pumpkin (level 1) when you're more concerned with playing with your feet than celebrating a family tradition, you're Level 1 by default.

my jack-o-lantern lit up. this is the most creative pumpkin I ever created. I free handed it from a pic a friend posted on her facebook. (Level 3) it turned out better than I ever imagined.

Husband's jack-o-lantern. (level 4) very creative.

Husband hanging his level 4 jack-o-lantern. in the dark it has the illusion of floating. Notice my sweet stray cat. if you remember the death pumpkin of 2007, you'll understand why I now fear for her life.

our pumpkin family.


Mandy Mc said...

This is such a fun tradition. I love it! We haven't gotten our pumpkin(s) yet, but I think you may have inspired me. We have some of those stick on things for Cady that my mom got her. Did you clean out her pumpkin or just stick the stuff on?

Where did you buy your pumpkins? Again, thanks for the pics and the play by play. It looks like you guys had so much fun. It also looks like J has a pumpkin head :-)

christy ross said...

we originally wanted to go to the pumpkin patch in Hayden but time got away from us, so we just picked them up at wal-mart. our big ones were $3.50 and I forget how much the little ones were.

with ROS's plastic body parts I just made cuts with a knife where parts were supposed to fit in and then she could stick them in the pumpkin. (we didn't gut it) she's actually had her pumpkin almost a month since I didn't gut it.

:-) that's exactly why I posted the 'pumpkin head' picture.