Thursday, October 29, 2009

running in the cold bbbbrrrrrrrrrr

I've never really fancied myself a sissy. I've always thought I'm pretty tough. mentally and physically. I'm also really healthy. I never get the flu and only have mild sinus issues twice a year when the weather changes. BUT, I've never really run for miles in the cold before.

My next 5k is less than a month away so I'm back to running every other day/night. no matter the weather. (I've come to like running in the rain) I've discovered I like running at night. just me and my headphones. nothing but my tattoo as identification if I'm abducted and murdered. (yes, I think about that a little every time I leave my house to run for a mile and a half and back at 10.30 at night)

well, with night comes cooler temperatures. my sinuses have been going crazy. for the past 2 weeks every time I run (every other day) my sinuses get congested and I feel horrible. while nasal irrigation and pressing on my sinuses, most of it is gone by the time of my next run. but seriously. it's taking its toll. I'm not big on taking lots of medicines, but even if I wanted too, I'm limited right now as to what I can actually take and it not mess with Son.

it's hurting me. I hear I will get used to it. I hear I'll love to run in the cold more than the hot, but that remains to be seen.

let it be seen soon.

I'm hoping with the help of Mandy I'll have an improved time on this 5k and reach my goal of not having to walk.

I've also switched my training to Podrunner Intervals (can be found on iTunes). The sessions are a few minutes longer than what I was previously doing and I feel like that's helping with my pace and endurance.

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