Sunday, November 1, 2009

I love: Dove Ultimate Visably Smooth

When I first saw the commercial I decided I had to give it a try. I hate shaving and I definitely hate feeling like I need to shave. especially my under arms. so if I could shave less just by applying deodorant (something I do daily anyway) why not try it?
Before the switch, I was using Dove Original (clean) and liked it, so this wasn't a leap so much as a hop to a new product.
and while I feel as completely confident in its powers as a deodorant and a shave minimizer, I do have one complaint. it smells strong. fragrant. I'm not a froo froo smell girl. I just like to smell clean. and the Nature Fresh is a clean smell, but it's also a strong smell. seriously, the only complaint. (the only other smell option available is Wild Rose and I smelled it in the store when I was trying to decide which scent to get, and it almost knocked me down. flowery punch right to the nose. but if that's your thing, it's out there.)
After about 3 weeks use, I can already tell I am needing to shave my underarms less. I don't miss the prickly feeling at all.
Honestly, I didn't even look for a price difference. so I can't tell you if this is more expensive than my previous odor blocker.
(I don't get paid for my opinions, but maybe I should)

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Nicki said...

I love Dove products and switch up deodies between theirs and Degree (the latter seems to leave less residue on the insides of my clothes), but had wondered how good the new Visibly Smooth would be. I may try it out. :)