Monday, December 28, 2009

nativity scenes: wood carved

This nativity scene is wood carved, yet I have no idea what kind of wood. it is VERY light weight and made in China ... any deductions?

This one also got a mantle spot for Christmas 2009. I got it half priced at Kohl's also. see a trend? Kohl's seems to have a nice range to choose from at very reasonable prices. It's completely Caucasian and 8 pieces. a little smaller than normal. just the holy family [Mary, Joseph and Jesus], an angel, the wise men and their camel. one camel for all three wise men. or maybe that was Mary and Joseph's camel? as I've mentioned before most nativity scenes have very little to do with the Biblical story of Jesus's birth. so who know where the camel came from. on the box, the camel is arranged by the wise men, so my bet is it's theirs.

I just noticed I have a wise man positioned between Mary and the Angel. sheesh. I remember the year that I went to the trouble of getting a compass and figuring out which way was East, so the wise men could be coming "from the East." that was also the year I put out EVERY nativity scene. the year before Daughter was born when Gracie was still living downstairs. boy, those days are gone!
Baby Jesus. smiling and not really swaddled -- his arms, anyway.

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Megan said...

I like this one :)