Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the slightest glimpse of our Christmas Tree

our Christmas tree isn't artificial with evenly spaced branches. it isn't prelit with evenly distributed white lights all over it. it doesn't have a lot of coordinating ornaments on it. it definitely doesn't look "put together."

It's real and uneven and sparse in some places and sheds. It required water and our tree stand leaks (goal one on December 26: buy half priced tree stand). It has three strands of lights wrapped around. We got a bigger than normal tree this year and could've really used 4 or maybe even 5 strands. It has a hodge-podge mismatch of my ornaments, Husbands ornaments and ornaments we've bought over our three Christmases together. It doesn't even have an angel or star on top. it's true.

our perfectly imperfect tree. Daughter loves it. She routinely kisses the tree, pets the tree and of course, pulls off ornaments and breaks them. I don't mind so much about the ornaments because the ones of mine she breaks have been easy to super glue back together and put away for the next few years and the ones of Husband's she breaks, I didn't like them anyway.

This is one of 100 blue assorted {shatter proof} balls I got at Sam's Club two Christmases ago, when I wanted a blue themed tree. There are only about 8 on the tree this year.

Husband and I bought this at Rock City a couple of months before Daughter was born. It was one of our "last day trips by ourselves." It was such a fun fun day.

This is the top of our imperfect tree. The blue icicles are also from the blue theme. The ones that are low enough for Daughter to touch, she pretends that they are horns and blows in them. notice how sparsely decorated the top is. We have a 10 feet tall tree and were clearly to lazy to get a chair for higher decorating.
This was one of my ornaments from the mini tree in my bedroom when I was little. I was obsessed with the Smurfs to the point that my mother put up Smurf wallpaper in my bedroom. I use to have more but of course only a couple have survived my ownership.

This is one of the ornaments Husband inherited from his parents when they apparently didn't want them anymore. We got rid of most of them last year but this one made the cut. it photographs well and luckily, I hung it high enough that it survived Daughter.

This is one that I seriously have no idea who gave it to me. I found it in my mail box my freshman year of college. I love it.

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