Tuesday, December 22, 2009

a new series: my nativity scenes. the bears

Earlier today when I was taking pictures of the random ornaments on our tree, I also took some of the mantle with our stockings and a few of my nativity scenes. I have a few dozen [nativity scenes, not stockings]. Only one is out year round, the others take turns as to which Christmas they get to be seen.

You see, I've learned that with a toddler that loves touching things that she shouldn't and a cat that believes she has a right to sit on any surface in the house she can get on, the number of nativity scenes I can have out at one time is lowLOWlow. this year, I only have 8 out, counting the year round one.

And really, no one has been to my house in months. so the only people who even see those eight are me, Husband, Daughter and Son. that makes me a little sad. For the main reason, that I seriously love these nativity scenes. I love seeing the different interpretations of the birth of Christ. I love the three "wise men." I love the barnyard animals. I love nativities made out of all sorts of materials [I have one carved out of bone]. I love baby Jesus [every one of them]. I love the whimsical ones. I just love them.

so, now I'm sharing them with you.

First, the one that stays up year round. It stays in the bottom shelf of my china cabinet. Husband bought it for me on our honeymoon in Alaska. It was so ridiculously expensive. I choked a little bit when I went to look at the three boxes it came in to verify maker of it and saw the price tags. but it's amazing and it's just a great memory [and I probably couldn't get much for it at a pawn shop anyway] ;-)

This one is bears, dressed up as whatever character they are playing. It's 14 pieces in all and is called Bearitivity I, II, and III in the Bearfoots collection by Jeff Fleming. He's based in Montana.

This is the collection. I love the drummer boy. and the costumes of the wise men. the bears dressed as a camel, a cow, and a sheep.

Jesus Bear. you can't tell from this angle, but he's grinning. and definitely not wearing swaddling clothes.
a view of one of the wise men. bringing gold, frankincense, mirh, or honey
One of the two angel bears
this wise man is sporting a turban and carrying trinkets.
more nativity scenes to come [and they'll keep coming after Christmas]

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Megan said...

How fun....love, LOVE the bear nativity! I only have one in our house (Willow Tree), but I do enjoy it. I'm looking forward to seeing more, especially the honeymoon/Alaskan nativity. :)