Monday, March 15, 2010

the garden is foiled again

And this time there is no one to blame but the cat (and well, ourselves)

Husband did the replant of the seedlings and the container with the lid was working GREAT until the plants got tall enough that they were bending under the lid. We made the decision to move the containers to our bath tub. There's a window above it that stretches the length of the tub. Hurray, lots of light. Plus we rarely use that tub anyway.

What neither one of us took into account was that Gracie drinks out of the tub faucet for her major source of H20 (that's right. our cat basically ignores her water bowl in favor of fresh running water) She also REALLY likes to sit in that window.

After a few weeks in the tub, Gracie decided to play in/eat the seedlings. She also threw up 3 times after. That cat, she's just the little bundle of love and fur that keeps on giving.

We're going to try to re-REtackle a replant tonight when Husband gets home from work.

Against our prior plans, we may end up buying a few plants to start out. depending on how the reREplant progresses by the time we plant outside (we're planning on the day before Easter).

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The Freeman Family said...

I have my pans lined up on the deck with screen laying on top to keep the cats out. Boxer likes to sleep on the screen in the pan. I have to go and throw water at him to get him off. He is quick though and I miss.