Monday, March 29, 2010

seedling update

I guess the third time is the charm for us this year. The seedlings are doing really well. I'm overjoyed. Yes, about seeds turning into plants. amazing.
the right side is onion seeds [we're planting onion bulbs AND seeds ... we'll see how it goes] so while it LOOKS like not much is going on on that side, there are little green sprouts.

also, see those two MONSTERS on the bottom? PUMPKINS. we're going to have pumpkins [hopefully] to share with friends and neighbors. I'm excited about that.

sure, the main point of our garden is to grow as much of our own produce without chemicals and fertilizers, but sharing is such a great thing to do as well. And let's face it -- what are we going to do with 4 vines worth of pumpkins anyway?

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