Thursday, March 11, 2010

running, running, running

I ran today. It felt amazing: like I was dying and being born all at the same time.

This is my third run of the season as I'm starting to get back in the swing of things for 5k season.
I'm so excited to get back to running again. I really fell in love with it last summer.

Right now I've got my Google Calendar pulled up in a tab and my search results for local 5k races pulled up in another. Trying to figure out what races will fit into our schedule will be harder this year for sure. But I'm so excited.

I'm training with Podrunner Intervals {you can find it on iTunes} this year. It's not as much fun as the Couch to 5k podcasts I found last year, but I think the pace is a little faster so I'm toughing it out.

I still haven't decided what my first race will be. I have decided I'd like to run 3 races this year and I would like my best time to be 30:00 ... Yes. I know this isn't an amazing time. but it's an amazing time for me and what I'm shooting for. and if I can do better? hurray for me!!

And Husband will be running again too. He'd love to do a 10k this season but it all really depends on how much training time he can get in. {Podrunner Intervals also has 8k and 10k programs}

ok, back to the calendar and search results!

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