Monday, August 23, 2010

A New Generation of Fun

About a month ago my mom agreed to babysit for us while Husband and I went to a wedding in HYT. Thus introducing my kids to the backyard we grew up in (complete with upgraded toddler swings)

We've been back to visit more in the past 3 weeks than we had in the 6 months prior ... because my kids are addicted to the backyard.

Son enjoying a push from Nanny


Son playing ball.
Husband found one of my brother's footballs in amazing condition so then we had to play catch

Son enjoyed the "tommy toes"

And of course the bubbles

Daughter climbing the platform to the slide

monopolizing the bubbles while silently pleading for a haircut
My parents also have a very friendly/playful/cuddling young cat named Little. Both kids are in love.

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Jessica said...

Gosh. Those children are growing up so fast. They make me so happy, and they don't even know me :)