Monday, September 13, 2010

garden guru visit -- finally

This is one of the entries that fell through the cracks a couple of weeks ago when I was catching up. We went to visit the garden of our garden gurus and have lunch and just enjoy the company.

And what a fabulous time we had! everyone. It was a great day of fun.

Daughter loved petting Muffin.

Son loved carrying around a stuffed animal dog.

While Daughter ran around the yard with the real dogs.
They were such well behaved buddies. She had a blast.

This was AFTER brownie dessert and right before we headed outside to pick apples.
She's ready.

Our garden guru showing Daughter the right way to pick apples to promote new growth.

I wish I could remember the variety of the apples, but I do remember she said they are a variety that Thomas Jefferson grew. We ended up picking dozens and I spent the next day making the most fabulous applesauce I've ever had.

We fed the pony and donkey our watermelon rinds from lunch and Daughter loved it. She thought it was so great watching them eat. Garden guru made the mistake of telling Daughter that they also love apples.

She spent the next 10 minutes picking one apple, throwing it to the donkey. Picking another apple, throwing it to the pony. It was pretty sweet and she was so excited that she got to do it.

Son carried around an apple of his own. He ended up eating all of it by the time we went back in.



Daughter eating a Juliet tomato.
(this is where our Juliets came from)

She loved helping water. She was so excited to be asked.

Son carrying his apple and a rotten Stupice tomato.

Daughter watered the basil.
They have more than 4 times as much basil as we do. That's A LOT of picking!!

Husband too some time with the animals.

We had such a fabulous time and came home with apples for apple sauce, tomatoes to can (enough for 5 pints), peppers and a little okra.

It was such a fun relaxed day. And I loved walking around their garden. I definitely learned a lot. And the kids were asleep before we pulled out of their driveway!

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Melissa said...

Yay for a blog from you! And you should know - I haven't met him, but I'm already a huge fan of George. What a beautiful donkey!!!