Thursday, September 16, 2010

my kids are bears fans, I guess

Husband has been a Chicago Bears fan since he was a kid.

No, I don't know why.

I don't really like pro sports. At all. I used to love MLB, but not really so much anymore. I don't like how quickly the makeup of a team can change. Your favorite player can be traded. A player you hate from another team signs a contract. And I don't have an pro sports teams in my city so I really have no "brand loyalty" for a team. (There is a AA baseball team I love to watch)

A couple of weeks ago, Old Navy had a sale where if you bought a (slightly overpriced) NFL shirt, you got jeans half off. I need jeans, in a bad way. And I like Old Navy's Diva cut. Plus half off. Plus I had a $10 off reward card. good deal.

This is what we came away with in the area of NFL shirts:

They suddenly BECAME football players when we put the shirts on them. running around, chasing each other, tackling. (oh and giggling -- but that's probably not pro football player like)

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Melissa said... cute are they??? You know, I was born in Chicago, so I'm supposed to be loyal to "da bears," but I don't do NFL either.

But those two look super cute in those shirts!