Friday, December 2, 2011

Hand prints on Canvas

Here's the great thing about Pinterest, I am great at replicating.  I can look at something, figure out a way to make it and often times make it better/something I like more but I am horrible at innovating.  which is basically why pinterest is so amazing for me.  I can see thousands and thousands of great ideas and then adjust them a little to make them fit me/us better.

I'm pretty much a gigantic copy cat and I'm starting to come to terms with that. 

I recently ran across this great idea of hand prints on canvas and I got to thinking about where I could display this in our house if I did it.  Well, there's a perfect spot in our long beige hall (that is already being filled up with pictures in black frames) that can not only be a great place for 4 canvases ... but many more can be added for years to come.

so the idea was to get 4 canvases.  8X10 for Husband and I because our hands are bigger.  And 5X7 for the kids. Then I decided that unlike the pinterest idea, I wanted all the backgrounds to be the same.  I decided black.  And I already had that at home.  Next, I had everyone pick out a color they wanted their hands to be.   Came home and made it happen.  

our colors.  Can you guess who picked the pink ...

I used another pinterest idea to paint the canvases.  I put push  pins in the backs of them, so they stood up off the paper. So there was no canvas drying TO THE PAPER.  fabulous idea and no touchups needed.

I decided to do the hand everyone writes with (even though Son uses both equally now, I went ahead and used his right)
I like how my blue hand is facing Husband's red hand.  Plus, you can see my wedding ring.  Daughter loved this and stamped about 8 pieces of paper after her canvas.  Son hated the paint on his hand and finally displayed his deep dark secret ... he has 6 fingers.  ;-)
After the hand prints dried, I added everyone's initials and the date 11-11.  We'll hang then just like in the picture and in  a year or two, do another set for the kids to hang under these.  And so forth and so on.  Until the space is top to bottom hand prints, with Husband and mine always on the top.   (sigh) this gives me a warm feeling.


laurensmommy said...

Oh, I really LOVE this idea. I'm not gonna lie, I'm one gigantic copy cat too, because I'm pretty sure that my creativity left me when Lauren was born. :)

I may need to find some room for 3 canvases in our tiny house!

Tina said...

I love it! You did a fab job. Have you thought about sealing them with a little varnish to keep the paint from flaking? It does give them a little shine - even with the semi-gloss.

For some reason, it looks very very familiar. Hmm . . .