Monday, December 5, 2011

Decorating glass bottles, thanks again pinterest

I think this was one of my very first pins when I joined pinterest.  I loved the picture and I already had ALL the things I needed to do this project (except the epsom salt.)

glass bottles, adhesive spray, epsom salt, spray paint and some decorative sticks (um, I have no idea what those things are called, but I bought some last year after Christmas in case I wanted a silver wreath this year.)

Our glass recycling bin always take the longest to fill up because I LOVE to save bottles.  Wine bottles, food jars, anything that doesn't look like something I already have.  This has proven worth it, because I just went to my cabinet and picked 6 bottles for the project.

I used 3 wine bottles, a taco bell mild sauce bottle, a jar that peppercorns came in from TJ MAXX and a short little apple juice bottle.

I poured the epsom salt in baking tray, sprayed the bottles with spray adhesive, rolled them in the salt, let them dry, then took them outside and spray painted them silver.  After they dried I brought them back in, stuck some of the no-name sticks in and DONE.
on the buffet in the dining room.   I love the silver/red  contrast.
I thought about putting them on the mantle in the living room, but those walls are beige and  it definitely didn't have the same POP.

a close up of the little apple juice bottle.  
I seriously loved this project.  I love walking through the dining room and seeing the bottles.  The only downside is, you CANNOT touch the salt, period.  It falls right off.  So these will not be able to be used next Christmas.  I have plans to brush off the salt and store them and just redo it again next year on the same bottles.  And probably apply another coat of spray adhesive before I spray paint the bottles to see if that helps.   either way, I'm really happy with the result.

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bpeterson said...

I love this! They look great, especially against that red wall!