Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Kids' Christmas Trees

*I just realized that Christmas has come and gone and I never published this post I started over a month ago!!

After Thanksgiving both kids were excited to get their little trees out and decorate them for their rooms.  Last year I had a problem when ornaments all over the house.  And I was sick of it.  So after we Husband helped Son and I helped Daughter decorate, I had a one on one talk with each child about my expectations.

If I see an ornament on the floor, it goes back in the ornament box and we'll try again next year.  "Keep your hands off your Christmas tree."   

Daughter's tree the day after decorating.

a closeup.  Even the topper got covered in ornaments.

Son's tree the day after.  Completely bare except for the prelit lights.  Notice the wrestlers standing vigil.
Some of Son's ornaments in "the box"


Daughter did great.  She loves her tree and did a great job of admiring it from afar AND keeping Son away from it.

Son, well, he's two year's old.  And even after he took all his ornaments off, he still loved his tree.  About every 3 or 4 days he'd ask to look at his ornaments in the box.  That was good enough for him.  And I'm sure next year he'll have a more decorated tree.

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