Monday, December 19, 2011

The Grey Cats, together.

Remember the Wordless Wednesday  I posted this summer of the two grey cats?   Well, they are no longer separated.  In fact, now anytime the temperature drops below 45 degrees, the fat short tailed grey cat is invited in the house.  And he's probably the best house guest we've ever had.  He keeps to himself and doesn't care if the kids pick him up and carry him around.  

Short Tail is the name we gave him when he started hanging around out house over a year and a half ago.  He's such a big cuddle bug (which I love because my grey cat, Gracie, tries to kill me on a daily basis).

This summer, I met Short Tail's previous owner.  He's a neighbor who told me Smokey ran away from home after he wasn't allowed to live in the house anymore and didn't get along with the other outside cat.  He loves Smokey and wants him back (which I could understand) so for awhile, I'd walk Short Tail back to their house and couple of times, and they'd come to our house and get him, but it never failed, a day or two later, he'd be back on the porch begging for cuddles.  After a while I decided, ya know, I'm not going to keep taking this cat back to a place he clearly doesn't want to be.  He's a good cat and as long as he wants to be here, we'll feed him and take care of him.  The best part, he's already been neutered.

But the clencher as to whether he'd actually be able to stay in the house during bad weather, was if he could get along with Gracie.  And he couldn't be more oblivious to her if he tried.  For the first couple of times inside, she stalked around him, sniffing and deciding.  And she's decided she likes him more than she likes me.  So that's good.

Poor Son, he has a hard time telling them apart.

enjoying the view.  together.  
My favorite thing about Short Tail, is his short tail.  When he gets excited, he wags it like a dog.  It's pretty cute. And he purrs like a maniac.  Something Gracie doesn't do. ever.   I'm glad he has a warm safe place to go now that it's starting to get cold.  Right now, he's asleep upside down in one of the dining room chairs.

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