Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the 2011 Nativity Scene Additions

This year, I added 3 new nativity scenes to my collection.  I'm to the point where most of the nativity scenes I see look a lot like ones I already have.  I'm always on the lookout for interesting/nontraditional ones.  Maybe even something that would wind up on The list of worst nativity scenes (thanks, KVS) mainly for conversation purposes.

Anyway, here are the 3 newest ones.  In no particular order:

Mom picked up this one for me at a discount store called Garden Ridge.  One of the wise men 's arms fell off and are hot glued back on AND a smurf joined the celebration to present baby Jesus with a wreath.  I really like the "vintage" paint style on these.

This one was a prize from JSS months and months ago.  After Thanksgiving, I pulled it out with big plans that each member of our family would paint 3 pieces of the 12 piece set. I told Husband that I called dibs on baby Jesus.  He was the only one I wanted to paint ...
 (also notice the kids' picture with Santa in the background. Apparently, much like Jesus, Santa is always watching.  ;-))
dibs does not count with 4 year olds.  Daughter pleaded her case that because she loves baby Jesus so much she should be the one who got to paint him.  She won.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit that what I pictured in my head as being a lovely family moment of painting and talking about Jesus's birth and just enjoying each other, turned into me losing my patience and yelling something I don't even remember but I do remember it wasn't Christ-like and it definitely wasn't a shiny example of how to parent toddlers.  (sigh)   I think I let my resentment about having to settle for painting a shepherd, Mary and a sheep cloud my judgement on that one.

this final one I picked up at Jo-ann when I was yarn shopping right before Thanksgiving.

We had a great Christmas.  Lots of fun, food and family time.  We talked a lot about Mr. Scrooge and the Christmas spirit and, of course, about Baby Jesus.

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