Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Daughter's Trip to See The Nutcracker

Before Christmas Daughter and C went on their annual trip to see The Nutcracker. (Last year one or both of them fell asleep before intermission and we had a little higher hopes for this year.)

Daughter was SO excited.  Excited to see C.  Excited to see the ballerinas. And excited to see a story she was more familiar with this year than she was last year.

(mostly) patiently waiting for the show to start

waiting, waiting, waiting (we really had FANTASTIC seats)
reenacting her favorite part - When Clara throws her shoe at the Mice King.  The people behind us  were pretty certain she was actually about to launch the shoe at them.  Luckily, she's an excellent pretender.
The girls (who are 4 and 3.5, btw) did excellent.  Especially considering they aren't 10, but, ya know, 4 and 3.5.   We ended up making it through intermission and almost all of the second half.  It was a fun time.  Next year we're pretty sure they'll make it to the end ... with their dads.

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bpeterson said...

Where does she get her flair for the dramatic? I love it.