Thursday, January 19, 2012

January Sewing: t-shirt quilts, etc.

 Months and months ago, BBWP and I started talking about all of our Judson shirts and how we never wear them and I decided we should turn them into a quilt.   For weeks, we were looking at fabric online, pricing interfacing, gathering shirts. And well, that was about it.  We decided to put the idea on hold, think about it and slowly put aside money for it.

Recently, Jennifer decided making Judson t-shirt quilts should be our January project.   Yes, fabulous.  Great idea.  In preparation for Second Saturday Sewing, I cut my shirts and interfaced them.  I also decided I would make mine twin sized and finalized a layout.  (btw, TWIN is HUGE.  This is definitely the biggest quilt I've ever attempted)

I used 21 shirts (I used the fronts and backs of my 3 Parent's Day jerseys).  The big blocks are 15inch squares.  And the small blocks that are made from the front pockets (and some blank shirt squares to have enough) are 6.5in blocks.
This is the layout
 On Saturday, I got all all 24 of the big blocks put together, and the two side strips put together.  Then Sunday night, I added the strips to each side and completed the front.  And soon I will take a picture of the entire front.

My favorite shirt of Jennifer's

Jennifer cutting and decided on her block sizes
Marie cut fabric for a quilt for a soon to be arriving niece.
Mandy won the prize for being the only one to finish a project on Saturday:
working on a pleated scarf.  
It's hard to tell in the picture because my camera was malfunctioning but this scarf is really cool.  I like the design AND the fabric.  (and the baby bump)
I'm pretty much at a standstill on my t-shirt quilt until I can find the material I want to use for the back.  When I finally take a picture of the front, I'll post it and include a drawing I've made of how I want the back to look.

I'm excited for everyone else to get going on their quilts.  Since we were all at The Judson at the same time, give or take a year, we have mostly the same shirts.  But we all have different ideas on how we want our quilts to look.  It's going to be fun to see 3, 4 or 5, (or 6 more) Judson t-shirt quilts finished.


bpeterson said...

Nice job! Although I seem to remember something more along the lines of, "But, Brooke, I just can't cut into those shirts..."

Christy Ross said...

Brooke, you're completely right. There was way too much hand wringing about cutting up my shirts. But once I did it, I never had a doubt the quilt would be well worth it!

laurensmommy said...

I love this idea. I wasn't at JC for quite as long as you girls, but I do have all my shirts as well as some from high school (I was in a ton of clubs and social stuff). I have been thinking that a quilt would be a great way to preserve those memories.

The back of your quilt needs some fabric with ivy on it! (maybe?)

I am going to have to make it a 2012 resolution (goal) to attend a SSS.

Christy Ross said...

Sarah, we're on the same wavelength in regards to the back. It will include ivy AND rose fabric (when I can find some I like!)