Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Travel Pillow turned Rice Pack

When I made my scented rice pack, I also made one for Tina and Tena H. (my mom).  My mother said when my brother saw hers, he expressed something like disbelief that I could make something like that and also a suggestion that I should make one in a U shape specifically for neck use.

1. Thanks, Bro. 'Preciate ya.
2. hmm, yes.  That's a pretty good idea.

And, as always, Pinterest came through for me.  I found a tutorial for a U shaped travel pillow.  And figured, sure, I could fill it with rice instead of stuffing.  

The tutorial was really easy to follow.  In fact, sewing it was the fastest part.  Cutting out all the little squares is what took so long!

I used the black/grey/white/yellow wal-mart fabric that I already had scraps of at home. (seriously, if you ever want to do something nice for me, buy me more of this fabric.  I love having it on hand for impromptu jobs!)  In fact, if we weren't out of rice, I could have done the entire project in under an hour and not had to go to the store.

the front before I added the rice

the back

filled with rice.  I have no clue how much rice I put in.  I just kept adding it until I felt like I  should stop so I'd have enough free space to sew the whole up.  
The only thing I did differently from the tutorial was top stitch around the edges.  I figured since I was using rice instead of poly-fil, the more reinforcements the better.

While I wouldn't call this a gender neutral fabric choice, I don't think it's overly feminine.  It should be something he and his wife would feel comfortable using.  Also, I added lavender to the rice ... and, well, that part may have made it feminine.  ;-)


Rita Bird said...

I'm in love with this! The fabric, the U shape, the rice, the lavender, loooove.

Nicki said...

Girl, you should totally open an Etsy shop and sell these and the other neat things you make!!!! :)

Tina said...

It looks great!! I love mine.

@Nicki - I hear on good authority she has one. She just hasn't listed anything in it. Blah blah blah.