Monday, January 23, 2012

A Crayon Melting and Molding Adventure

Pinterest strikes again.  I'm excited about finally making and doing the things I've been pinning for months.  Makes me feel like all those hours on pinterest weren't a total waste!

We (well, mostly me ... and actually, technically, the oven) melted down all the kids' broken crayons into new "super crayons" (don't you love pins that tell you everything you need to know without having to go to the website?  I do.

The kids loved the ideas of new super crayons and were eager to help me peel all the remaining paper off (something they love to do anyway)

all our busted crayons.
Notice Daughter has started to "fill" the mold.  That's kind of how she thought the process would go.  One old crayon turns into one new crayon.

I filled the little leaf molds with solid rainbow colors and then went about dividing the rest of the colors in ways that made sense to me in silicon muffin molds.

my helpers.  They also helped test colors during the sorting process so I  wouldn't get the purples, dark blues and blacks mixed up.

the leaf mold stayed in for 15 minutes on 230 degrees.  And you can tell the mold is a little warped.  next time, I'll check on them sooner.

the biggers ones needed more time.  they stayed in for 22 minutes at 230.

All cooled off and popped out of their molds.
I saw other pins that used paper cups and I think that would be as easy as the silicon  molds.  especially cleanup wise.  This was a cinch.

My only complaint:  the new super crayons definitely do NOT fit in our crayon box.   The crayon box has now been upgraded to the same shoe box size rubbermaid containers used for race cars, potato head body parts and play-doh accessories. 

All in all, it was fun for the kids and I.  Plus, now instead of hundreds of crayons pieces, we have less than a dozen super crayons.  And after Daughter got used to the fact that her crayons don't have much of a point anymore, they both love using them.


TL said...

i love it! did i blog about the kid who gave these out for xmas in my niece's class? SO COOL! where was this when i was a kid??

Lee said...

I should probably do this but if there is one thing I hate more than playdoh it is crayon paper. I hate it with a passion and the boys love to eat it.