Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas Bicycles

Christmas morning, the kids woke up to see the things they'd been talking about for weeks in their living room.  Bicycles (and helmets)   Seriously, I cannot even tell you how excited they were.

Because of the layout of our house and the fact that it rained and rained (and was cold) on Christmas and the week after, they rode in the house.  They'd start in the dining room, go through the living room, down the hall and back into the dining room.  

By the time they finally got to ride outside, they were pros.

Daughter, minutes after discovering her new bike

Son, taking a break from the action
 About a week after Christmas, it warmed up enough that I loaded the kids, a picnic and their bikes and helmets in the car and we met Husband at The Railroad Park for a long lunch.  They loved it.  And because it was a weekday, not crowded.  Perfect for a 4 year old and a 2 year old who have only ridden their bikes inside their house.  And they did great.  We went around 3 times and stopped a lot to run and play.
Just starting off.  She turned around and said, "snap my picture, please."
This little boy did GREAT.  I was so proud of how be managed his bike and how fast he could go!
Also, they both have bells on their bikes that they are oh so in love with.

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laurensmommy said...

Lauren is getting a bike for her bday this year (will she really be 4?!) We need to start looking for the perfect one! :)